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  • Mi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5″ 4,100

    The Mi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5″ provides the highest level of brightness to ensure that you can read what is displayed on the screen regardless of your environment. This will definitely help you when reviewing your work as well as when taking notes during lectures.

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  • Ugreen Phone Stand With Flexible Long Arm 2,385

    Ugreen Phone Stand with Flexible Long Arm is a universal phone stand designed to provide the right support and stability for most devices. Hands-free to watch movies, make videos, read recipes, play games, etc., flexible neck can be easy to use even if a person with weak arms or a disability. The clamp opens up to 8cm, fits well to various tables, shelves, desks in kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, etc.

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  • Ugreen Wall Mount Holder Adhesive Stand 1,670

    This adhesive stand is a convenient solution for mounting your tablet to the wall without any drilling or damage to the surface.

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  • Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 9,534

    The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is one of the best products on the market when it comes to streaming content. We have created a product that has the ability to stream 4K HDR content from over 300 channels such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO Now and many more. The Mi TV Stick also has an advanced AI processor that enables it to adjust for any changes in brightness in order to create a better viewing experience for users.

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