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    Ugreen 60W USB Type C to USB-C Cable Quick Charge 4.0 Fast Cable 1,4601,617

    With this USB Type c cable, you can charge your Android device and other devices with a USB Type C port at the same time. We have tested the cable with over 200A current, and the safety certification is UL/ROHS.

  • Ugreen Air Vent Mount Phone Holder 1,700

    The Ugreen Car Phone Mount is perfect for a quick and easy way to mount your phone in your car. This mount can securely hold your device with the strong two clips and durable rubber padding. The inner textured and soft rubber padding protects your device from scratches or slipping while on bumpy roads.

    In stock

  • Ugreen Aux Cable Jack 3.5mm 3M FLAT 1,450

    One of the most important elements of any device is its charger or cable. You get this from Ugreen, which is a 3M flat cord with an auxiliary jack on one side and a three-pronged plug on the other. This product is meant to provide you with a stylish and practical way of keeping your device charged up anytime, anywhere without having to worry about losing your charging cord or forgetting your charger at home.

    In stock

  • Ugreen Cable Organizer Clips 1,280

    Ugreen has created a cable organizer that is easy to mount on your desk and a great place for your cables. It features anti-slip silicone, earphone holders, a charger cord holder and many more useful features.

    In stock


    In stock

  • Ugreen Phone Stand With Flexible Long Arm 2,385

    Ugreen Phone Stand with Flexible Long Arm is a universal phone stand designed to provide the right support and stability for most devices. Hands-free to watch movies, make videos, read recipes, play games, etc., flexible neck can be easy to use even if a person with weak arms or a disability. The clamp opens up to 8cm, fits well to various tables, shelves, desks in kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, etc.

    In stock

  • UGREENSold Out
    UGREEN USB Type C Charger 20W Fast Charger 3,300

    The UGREEN USB Type C Charger 20W Fast Charger is a high-quality and powerful charger that can charge your devices at high speed. This product has an elegant design with a fireproof material, so it’s not just safe for your home but also stylish.

    Out of stock

  • Ugreen Wall Mount Holder Adhesive Stand 1,670

    This adhesive stand is a convenient solution for mounting your tablet to the wall without any drilling or damage to the surface.

    In stock

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